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What is foonie?

"It describes a place of whimsical aliveness, deep feeling, and tiny magical spirits that are easily overlooked but always present."

Maya Graves from "A Day in the Life," Vancouver Guardian 2022

Reviews from customers

  • "The stickers are literally the cutest things on the planet. Great quality. I've had one on my water bottle for a year now and it's still looking great!"


  • "Thank you for the most unique and lovely stationery, foonie! Everyone I have given a card from foonie has absolutely loved it - will be buying more soon!"


  • "The absolute cutest card (Van Life birthday card), and my friend loved it so much she has it by her desk so she can look at it every day :D"


  • "Perfect stickers.

    My laptop and water bottle are covered with foonie stickers."


  • "foonie is my absolute favourite shop and my go to for cards. The art is so beautiful."


  • "AMAZING AS ALWAYS!! My favourite cards <3"